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A Place To Call Home Sweet Home

We offer a unique home setting with Specialized Homestead Programs for seniors.

Our Family 

At Home Loving Care was established by Therman and Alice Martin in 1999 and developed by Donna Palmer, a co-owner. On February 19, 2000, our home care started providing free services to seniors in our community, such as:

  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Conversation

Due to the huge demand, all Martin family members had to contribute to meet each senior’s needs. During the monthly meetings, the members were reporting incidences of:

  • Meal Skipping
  • Unexplained Bruising
  • Late Payments Notices
  • Falls and Forgetfulness
  • Stacks of Unopened Mails
  • Forgetting To Take Medication
  • Noticeable Decline in Grooming Habits
  • Uncertainty When Performing a Once-Familiar Task
  • ...And Many More

As such, we decided that seniors needed to have a comfortable and secure home-like setting that can accommodate six or fewer elderly. This was how our home care facility started.

At Home Loving Care offers a unique home setting with Specialized Homestead Programs for our clients in North Carolina. Our therapeutic services and physical design allow residents maximum independence while staying in our facility.

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